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Dentist for Braces in Norfolk, VA

Does the appearance of your smile make you feel self-conscious? Visit a dentist for braces in Norfolk, VA, to see what options are available to you. With more than 25 years of experience, the team at Woodard Orthodontics has extensive experience in all areas of orthodontics and is able to provide you with a solution to your dental problems. Whether you're an adult who has been unable to fix their teeth alignment issues or the parent of a child with misaligned teeth, we have the expertise needed to provide tooth braces to people of all ages.

Take advantage of our $250 discount on braces as well as our financing options to invest in your long-term dental health. Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule a free consultation for you, so get in touch today to find out if teeth braces are a good option for you or your child.

When Are Tooth Braces Necessary?

Misaligned or crooked teeth are more than an aesthetic problem—they can cause significant dental and medical issues as well. By getting tooth braces as soon as possible, you're able to alleviate many of these concerns before they're able to significantly impact your life. Schedule an appointment with our orthodontic specialist if you notice any of the following in yourself or your children:

Child at Orthodontist Appointment in Norfolk, VA
  • Teeth That Meet Abnormally
  • Irregular Loss of Baby Teeth
  • Crowded or Blocked-Out Teeth
  • Jaws or Teeth That Are Out of Proportion
  • Jaws that Shift or Make Strange Sounds
  • Accidental Biting of Cheeks or Roof of Mouth

It's Never Too Late to Get Teeth Braces

While the most commonly associated image with teeth braces is a child or young teen, many adults are getting braces as well. With modern innovations such as Invisalign braces and removable retainers, it's possible to straighten your teeth comfortably and without the typical clunky appearance of traditional braces.

If you were unable to straighten your teeth as a child or teen, it's not too late! You're able to maintain your mature and professional appearance while improving your dental health.

What Are the Consequences of Crooked Teeth?

If your teeth are crooked or you have a misaligned bite, getting tooth braces can help improve your daily life. In addition to improving your smile's appearance and your self-esteem, braces help prevent several other difficulties caused by crooked teeth. Some of the most common issues caused by misaligned teeth include:

  • Difficulty Cleaning Teeth
  • Increased Potential for Tooth Decay
  • Strain on Jaws and Muscles
  • Increased Risk of Broken Teeth
  • Increased Risk of Gingivitis
  • Difficulty Chewing or Speaking

Contact us to see a skilled dentist for braces. We're proud to serve patients located in the Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Smithfield, and Isle of Wight, Virginia, areas.